Rami Bdeir

A pinball of desperate flailing, I seek the American Dream: to one day be paid for my irreverent yet relevant ramblings about the wild worlds of Parenting, Entertainment, and the everyman's everyday struggle to capture and understand what it means to be human.

Expertise I am the proud owner of tens of thousands of dollars in student debt which came with the side bonus of a Bachelor's in English Language and Literature. With this power, I foolishly thought to make my fortune teaching high school in Texas. After realizing that the bureaucratic child grinder did little to offer the next generation actual education, I meandered the wastelands of the American job market. I have experienced the grueling trenches of retail warfare, survived the flaming hellscape of insurance call centers, and sold my soul to the demons of commissioned sales. I am also a parent, but this section is titled "Expertise" and, honestly, I'm making up fatherhood as I go along. Pray for my children.

Skills Literary Analysis of pointless things (i.e. overthinking film and games), I am great at making complex concepts digestible and simple. I am also equally as great at turning simple things into mental conflagrations. My observations are eclectic, and my relationship with similes and metaphors are like the release schedule for Marvel franchises, prolific and bordering on the absurd.

Location Mandatory Cowboy Hat, Texas


Email bdeir@yahoo.com